Class In Back In Session With Body Language’s ‘Grammar’

The guys and girl of Brooklyn's Body Language must've really loved school. Why else would they follow their breakthrough debut Social Studies with their latest academically-titled EP Grammar? An obsession with academics aside, the three-track (four if you count the live reprise of "The First") Grammar continues with the quartet's '80's-inspired electro/R&B sound that made Social Studies work so well. Outside of the studio and live versions of "The First," the set includes new songs "Lose My Head" and "I'm a Mess." "Lose My Head" is a dancefloor-ready jam full of hand claps and enough funk to keep you grooving through the night. "I'm a Mess" is a mid-tempo number with super sweet vocal harmonies, synth bass and soft keys that recall the best parts of '80's R&B. Grammar is a great appetizer for the full album that's to come from the group. If you've been jonesing for another lesson in Body Language, check out the set after the bounce and then head over to iTunes to pick up a copy for yourself.

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