Let John Legend & Teyana Taylor Take You To ‘Bliss’

For so long I never really knew what Teyana Taylor actually did. Well, aside from being on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen that one time, her desperate attempt at Janet Jackson's iconic 1993 Rolling Stone cover, and, oh yeah, that song that had something to do with Google. So color me amazed, bewildered, stupefied -- whatever word the thesaurus has to describe the word "surprised" -- when lending my ears to her collaboration with piano man John Legend. Seriously, I wasn't prepared for the pure hotness that is "Bliss." Just taken off-guard I was by the bump n' grind groove you can just gnaw on and how freely Taylor and Ledge let their vocals wrap around the verses (and who knew Taylor had a decent melodic voice on her?). At first look, Legend and Taylor seem like an odd couple pairing, especially since musically, they are on two different airlines, but opposites do attract in this case. Housed on the G.O.O.D. Music family's recently released compilation album, Cruel Summer, "Bliss" is an R&B duet delicacy, straight-forward and to the sexy point. Set adrift on this after gem below.
After the bounce

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