Spend A Few ‘Moments’ With Bianca Raquel

The last time we caught up with singer/songwriter Bianca Raquel, she was using some rather salty language to get her point across. This time, she's taking a much sweeter approach with her single "Moments." While she's still dealing with a relationship that may or may not be at its end, Bianca decides to us much softer and poetic lyrics to explore a complicated relationship suffering from a severe lack of reciprocity. "It's so much easier to watch me chase you around like a fool," she sings to a beat that drifts from soft and sweet to bombastic at a moment's notice before launching into the bittersweet chorus. The accompanying video further illustrates the song's point. We see Bianca (rocking the daisy-est of dukes, by the way) and her beau spending a day in the paradise that NYC can sometimes be. As the video goes on, however, we see that paradise start to fade, with the loving couple soon parting ways on the L train (and if you live in New York, then you know how a sad a place that particular train is to part ways). Bianca is still hard at work on her debut, Detox and, like Dr. Dre's album of the same name, there is no set release date yet. But with a complete package like hers, I doubt that this will be the case for long.

After the bounce

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