AlunaGeorge Are ‘Watching Over You’

When AlunaGeorge dropped the insanely catchy "You Know You Like It" late last year I admit to the fact I had them pegged as a bit of a one-hit wonder. Their mix of pop, R&B and elements of dubstep was very "now," and I wondered whether they would be able to offer anything more substantial, or at least something with long-lasting appeal. Well with the release of their EP, also entitled You Know You Like It, they silenced my inner critic and the three tracks still sound as fresh now as they did then. "Your Drums, Your Love" solidified their position as "ones to watch" and, now that the track "Watching Over You" has surfaced, I'm convinced that Aluna Francis and George Reid are names that will be around for a while yet. Showing the duo's softer side, the song, which appears exclusively on Annie Mac's AMP 2012 compilation, is a sort of cosmic lullaby, perfectly marrying Aluna's heavenly sweet vocal and George's subdued, but still left of center production. The video for the track, which features clips from Nintendo's Mario Bros., mirrors the soothing, almost dream-like feel of the song perfectly. This is my favorite release from the pair yet and has me highly anticipating their debut album, due early next year.

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