Angel Haze Cleans Out Her ‘Closet’ On ‘Classick’

It seems like Angel Haze has been making a bit of splash since her recent appearance in the only reason to watch the BET Hip Hop Awards, The Cypher. Well the lyricist continues the trend with the release of her latest mixtape, Classick. While the six-track project features Haze rapping over classic cuts from Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill and Jay-Z, the standout track on the tape would have to be her version of Eminem's "Cleaning out My Closet." In lieu of Marshall's complaints about his headphone volume, Haze warns the listener of the upfront nature of the song's content, but I had no idea just how personal that this young woman was ready to get. Haze makes the skeletons in Em's closet seem petty in comparison as she paints a brutally honest portrayal of sexual abuse and the pain that it inflicted on her psychologically. While this final track of the tape may be a jagged pill to swallow, the anger portrayed in her delivery, coupled with the vivid descriptions highlight her ability to tap into and control a listener's emotions via storytelling, a feat often attempted yet rarely accomplished. I definitely have to give this young woman props for speaking so candidly about her past. Perhaps this will give others the courage to come forward in the face of abuse. As a participant in BET's Cypher it's easy to get lost in the mix of flavor of the month rappers, washed up OGs and Sprite contest winners, but projects like Classick get people talking. Way to seize the moment, Haze. Stream "Cleaning out My Closet" below before checking out the entire mixtape via Livemixtape.


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