Marie Dahlstrom Breathes Fresh ‘Air’ Into This Phil Collins Classic

The Bounce-Worthy Marie Dahlstrom had me drifting on clouds of bliss with her track "Search," and while I wait for the official music video to that track, I'm kept satisfied with the video she's just released of her performing a cover of Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight." Dahlstrom takes a song thats strength was its stark, atmospheric tone and moves it into new territory by kicking it up a notch with a soul-jazz arrangement that removes the iconic 1980's drum machine and replaces it with warm live instrumentation including horns, sensuous guitar and bass. Marie manages to thaw out this cold-as-ice classic without taking away from the dark pain that's portrayed in its lyrics, thanks to her smooth and honest vocal delivery. There's something exciting about experiencing a classic tune that's been reconstructed and given new life in a completely fresh way, while still being handled with care. Dahlstrom and company have managed to do exactly that by adding some sultry jazz energy to "In The Air Tonight," which you can see for yourself.

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