Marvin Gaye’s ‘Trouble Man’ Turns 40

Though it's been almost 30 years since Marvin Gaye's tragic demise,
we've remained just as captivated by his music as we were at the height of his career. Thanks to his extensive collection of demos and unreleased music, fans can still discover the magic that was Marvin all these years later. As the 40th anniversary of his movie soundtrack, Trouble Man, approaches, Hip-O Select and Motown are digging in their vaults to give us all a few more reasons to celebrate. When the Trouble Man: 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition gets released on November 19th, it will include 29 unreleased performances containing alternate takes and rare vocals. For the first time ever, the two-CD release will also feature the soundtrack's original songs, in addition to the full score featured in the film. Being that I had no clue that the film's score and the actual released album were not, in fact, one in the same, this makes me doubly excited to hear. The expanded release will also include a digi-pak filled with photo outtakes, rare picture sleeves from around the world and track-by-track annotations. An essay by musicologist Dr. Andrew Flory fills music fans in on the untold story behind the album, and will also include additional essays and sidebars by Lenny Kravitz, Joni Mitchell, Christian McBride, George Tillman Jr. and Cameron Crowe. Although it will do little to fill the void left behind by his passing, knowing that these rare gems will get to see the light of day should be music to anyone's ears.

Marvin Gaye Trouble Man: 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition track list:

Disc 1
1. Main Theme From Trouble Man (2)
2. "T" Plays It Cool
3. Poor Abbey Walsh
4. The Break In (Police Shoot Big)
5. Cleo's Apartment
6. Trouble Man
7. Theme From Trouble Man
8. "T" Stands For Trouble
9. Main Theme From Trouble Man
10. Life Is A Gamble
11. Deep-In-It
12. Don't Mess With Mr. T
13. There Goes Mr. T
14. Main Theme From Trouble Man (2) alternate take with strings
15. "T" Plays it Cool unedited version
16. Poor Abbey Walsh, Part 2 Take 1
17. Poor Abbey Walsh, Part 2 Take 2
18. Trouble Man extended version
19. Theme From Trouble Man vocal version
20. "T" Stands for Trouble unedited vocal version
21. "T" Stands for Trouble alternate version
22. Main Theme from Trouble Man vocal version

Disc 2
1. Trouble Man
2. Pool Hall
3. "T" Plays It Cool
4. Cadillac Interlude/Cleo's Apartment
5. Man Tied Up/Jimmy's West/Conversation with Cleo
6. Crap Game (a.k.a. The Break In)/Getting Rid Of Body/Talking To Angel
7. Outside Police Station
8. Bowling Alley Parking Lot
9. Stick Upv
10. Cleaners/Cleov
11. Closing Jimmy's
12. Police Break In
13. "T" Cleans Up/Police Station
14. Packing Up/Jimmy Gets Worked/Saying Goodbye/"T" Breaks In/Movie Theater
15. Car Ride/Looking for Pete
16. Parking Garage/Elevator
17. Penthouse
18. Getting Pete
19. My Name Is "T"/End Credits
20. "T" At The Cross

Disc 1, tracks 1-13: Original LP
Disc 1, tracks 14-22: Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks
Disc 2, tracks 1-19: Previously Unreleased Original Film Score
Disc 2, track 20: Previously Unreleased Film Band Bonus Track

Marvin Gaye Trouble Man: 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition [Amazon]

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