Morning Soul: Being Good Isn’t Always Easy

  • Janet Jackson demanded Vanity Fair retract a story that claims she tried to delay Michael Jackson's funeral until she got reimbursed for her burial deposit. [EO]
  • The American Idol offscreen drama continues as Steven Tyler accused his former lawyer of cheating him out of $8 million and screwing up his renegotiation. [TMZ]
  • Texas cops detained Nelly after 36 small bags of heroin, 10 pounds of marijuana and a .45 caliber pistol were found on his tour bus. [HP]
  • Scared Straight?: Will Smith's mugshot from 1989 resurfaced -- a night described as "the worst of his life." [DM]
  • Wyclef Jean's charity collected $16 million in donations for Haiti but you would be hard pressed to prove it. [NYT]

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