Rachel Claudio Paints An Intriguing Picture In ‘Pablo Picasso’

Between artists -- true artists -- there is a mutual respect for another's work. Inspiration can be gained from that work and create a spark that, along with one's own creativity, then flows on into something new or a reinterpretation of said music. A perfect example of this is the Bounce-Worthy Rachel Claudio's latest mixtape, C.L.Audio Tape, which we told you about a few months back. Claudio has now dropped the music video for one of the prime cuts from the project, her interpretation of folk/rock artist Citizen Cope's "Pablo Picasso." The lyrics in the track are open to interpretation, as is the music video, which features a hoodie wearing figure who marches to the beat of his own drum around Paris. He's in green and everything else is black and white and he does his dance on his own, much to other people's confusion. Perhaps he is simply misunderstood and looking to find his place in society? Could it be his creativity is something that only he can grasp? Maybe when he finds that person who "gets" him, all will be right and color will return as he continues on his Parisian escapades? You'll have to watch the video below to find out, and make your own assumptions on what it all means. All I know is Rachel Claudio's re-working of "Pablo Picasso" is catchy as hell, and I'll gladly watch this over and over trying to decipher the many different meanings that can be found in the track and its music video.

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