Ride ‘Shotgun’ With Rochelle Jordan

Since her second EP, P R E S S U R E, has set the blogosphere aflame, it seems like Rochelle Jordan just might be R&B's next rising star. What better way, then, to capitalize on that buzz than with her debut full-length music video? Though it's surprising that this is her first, Rochelle adds this very important notch to her belt with P R E S S U R E standout "Shotgun." The track, which borrows from Samantha James"Deep Surprise" and is about the pain and heartache that can come with being a ride-or-die chick, is moody, atmospheric R&B at its finest. To bring it to life, RoJo enlisted frequent collaborator Sharon Jane D (who also directed the EP's teaser clip) for a dark and dirty (literally) take on the track. The result is a simple treatment that showcases the turmoil of the song while also showing off the stunning beauty that is Rochelle. Not bad at all for her first time. Take "Shotgun" for a spin below and let us know what you think of the clip.

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