Watch Couples ‘Latch’ Onto Each Other To This Disclosure & Sam Smith Song

Thanks to the faces scribbled onto photos I've seen of the production duo Disclosure and the similar artwork for "Latch," their single with Sam Smith on vocals, I have no idea what any of them look like. And I still have no clue after watching the song's music video because none of the above are featured in the clip. Who we do have to focus our attention on, however, are three couples in various intimate situations "latching" onto each other so to speak. And by "latching" I mean kissing each other like their lives depended on it. Whether in public or private spaces such as a wild party, elevator or bedroom, these couples can't keep their eyes, hands, lips or tongues to themselves. But with "Latch" as their soundtrack and the chorus, "Now I've got you in my space/I won't let go of you/Got you shackled in my embrace/I'm latching onto you," their actions make perfect sense. Watching this video has only brought me to one conclusion: I'd rather be, latching.

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