Will You ‘Be’ Kem’s ‘For Christmas’?

Doesn't it seem as if the holiday season is upon us sooner and sooner each year? Well,
when it comes to the slew of new holiday music out there, it's hardly surprising. A holiday
album is one of the easiest ways for an artist to make a quick buck (much as a return
to a gospel or gospel-themed album is the number one indication of artists who are
finding it hard out in dem musical streets). I'm always a little -- no, make that maximally --
apprehensive when I hear that some artist or another is releasing a holiday disc, even
if said artist is Kem. Now understand, I am a lover of all things Kem. Really, the man's voice is velvety chocolate every doggone time on every single song and he has me swooning with every single note he sings. So imagine my delight when I found out he'd paired with vocal extraordinaire (and another personal favorite), Ledisi. The two sound surprisingly good together on the song "Be Mine For Christmas," which has a very "Me and Mrs. Jones" feel to it, which automatically places it in the acoustically pleasing realm. But the quality of Kem and Ledisi's voices combined, elevates it to the sensually pleasing arena, which is arguably a Herculean feat for any holiday song to achieve, no matter how accomplished the artist. In my opinion, Ledisi sounds best when she puts her chops to jazz arrangements, so this duet is very nicely pulled off by the two and a worthy addition to the contemporary Christmas favorites collection. Give a listen to a snippet below, and pick up the full version on Kem's What Christmas Means in stores now.


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