Lili K. & Peter CottonTale Put Their ‘Petals’ To The ‘Metal’

We've given singer Lili K. and partner-in-crime Peter CottonTale plenty of shine here on SB, and with good reason. Their sound, a fun blend of jazz, pop, hip hop and soul, comes together once again for their LP Metal Petals. Switching gears a bit from their previous collaboration, last summer's A Prelude to Hello, this collection focuses on Peter's harder hitting, hip-hop inspired production that adds a nice counterpoint to Lili's light, jazzy vocals. Lead single "Curtain Call" is a perfect example of this, with its hard-hitting drums and hand claps providing the foundation that Lili's voice soars against. Elsewhere, tracks like "Never Ever" and "Don't Worry" find Lili experimenting with a poppier sound (or as close to pop as the eclectic songstress gets). "Never Ever" is dreamier in approach than "Don't Worry," which distorts Lili's voice and makes the thumping kick drum just as central to the song's success. The only feature (if you don't the count the previously released remixes for Prelude tracks "My Name Is..." and "One Date") is the Sulaiman and Chance the Rapper-assisted "Ambition." And, while decent, it doesn't shine as bright as the rest of the EP. "Highlight the Moon," however, lives up to its name as the highlight of the EP. The introspective lyrics about heartbreak pair nicely with Peter's thoughtful-yet-spacy production and allow a slightly subdued Lili to emote beautifully. If Lili K. is an artist on the verge, then Metal Petals should bring quite a bit of attention her way. Sample the EP after the bounce, then head over to her Bandcamp page to download the set on a pay-what-you-like (including free) basis.

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