‘We Get By’ On What JoJo Is Delivering

I'm going to grow old, go grey and be leaning on a rhinestone-encrusted cane waiting for JoJo to come out that mythical third album she keeps promising us, but with hand behind back I call "uncle!" and will take yet another mixtape from her, because well, le sigh, what else can you do? Still I'm not complaining that much as JoJo wets the whistle for her thousandth mixtape, Agápē (which means "unconditional love" in Greek) with the single "We Get By" and it's a jalapeno popper of a tune. Produced by the troop called the Backpack Kids, which has the uber-talented Austin Brown on its roster, "We Get By" bounces along on a fun, carefree positive note while it plays into the Kids' aesthetic of "genre-less" musicality with the blurring shades of R&B, hip-hop pop and smooth funk, peeking through. After being treated to the steamy "Demonstrate" back in the summer, I'm glad to hear that JoJo hasn't lost her stride and continues to bring the quality smile-inducing tuneage, even though she (or more like her record label) needs to quit messing around with that mirage of a third album. Agápē will be wrapped and sent out before the Yuletide on December 20th, but you can catch a feel for what's in store by just simply pressing play below.


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