‘You’ Will ‘Love’ BenZel & Jessie Ware’s Brownstone Cover

Cast your minds back to the mid-'90s, when real R&B was top of the charts, and girl groups ruled the roost. One of the biggest to emerge around that time was Brownstone, whose monster hit, "If You Love Me," still gives me that tingling feeling almost two decades later. Nowadays the R&B girl group is no more or, at least, not as predominant as it was back then, however the ladies are still showing up and showing out, with the last couple of years being dominated by females on the solo tip. One of our favorites to emerge from this scene is Jessie Ware, the smooth, soulful diva whose Devotion LP has definitely been a highlight of 2012. In between putting together her album and the usual promo slog, Jessie teamed up with NYC-via-Osaka production duo BenZel to recreate Brownstone's "If You Love Me" with a more modern twist. Oh, and it should be noted that BenZel is comprised of Umi Takahashi and Yoko Watanabe who, at 15 and 16 respectively, have to be some of the youngest producers we have featured on these pages. Now, I know on paper this sounds like it could be disastrous, but trust me when I say that they do a stellar job, going the minimal R&B route that has become so popular of late. And, of course, Jessie sounds wonderful. Peep the track's video below, which was directed by Kate Moross, the lady behind Jessie's "Wildest Moments" video.

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