Brandy Gets ‘High,’ But Is It A Letdown?

Brandy's return to the scene was undoubtedly one of the most exciting stories in R&B this year. And, while Two Eleven wasn't exactly everything we hoped for, it was a solid offering from a much-missed R&B diva. To celebrate her recent success, B-Rocka decided to drop her own holiday gift to her fans: the previously unreleased track "How High." The track definitely would've fit in on her most recent offering. It's programmed drums and synth-heavy instrumentation work well and Brandy's airy delivery sounds quite nice (though the lyrics definitely leave a lot to be desired). However, the appearance of Brandy's rap alter ego Bran Nu threatens to derail the entire thing. While I'm all for an artist expanding their skill set, I just can't take Brandy's rapping seriously (and her use of the n-bomb feels as forced here as her cursing did in 1998's I Still Know What You Did Last Summer). Still, even with the rap, if you are a fan of Two Eleven, you'll like what she's done with "How High." If you want to unwrap Brandy's present, all you have to do is hit the bounce.

After the bounce

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