Donell Jones’ Latest Is a Bit ‘Off’

The other day, Donell Jones' 1999 hit "U Know What's Up" came up on my '90's playlist, and I briefly wondered what happened to the smooth-voiced singer. Now I have my answer. Donell Jones is back and, apparently, he's a bit...assertive. His latest single is "Step the F**k Off," and if the title didn't tip you off, this isn't the Donell to which we are accustomed. Over a beat that seems more tailored for the likes of D4L, Donnell weaves a tale about a wayward lady who's less interested in making it work with her man and more interested in her man's friends. Though he does contemplate breaking her off, he ultimately decides to tell her to stay away (hence the song's title). While I'm glad that Donell is still making music, I can't say that I'm a fan of the song. From his odd delivery on the verse to the tinny, outdated beat, it's just a miss all around. And the lyrics -- from the unnecessary swears to the references to his "cobra" and Rubik's cubes -- are simply off-putting. While I get that all artists want to change up their style, I can't ride with this facet of Donell's evolution. If you can, however, "Step the F**k Off" is the first release from his as-yet-untitled upcoming mixtape. Check out the song and then let us know if you're feeling Donell's return.

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