‘Falling In Love’ With Nina Rae Is Easy To Do

Even though I can be a cynic, never do I blush or hang head in shame over my love for romantic comedies. My devotion to the genre that so many cringe about and detest is proven through the padded little DVD collection I have of lovey-dovey tales -- from the classics to possibly every (awful) Kate Hudson movie. So yes, I'm a sapling just oozing away, especially over those moments where the two love interests on-screen, finally, after an extensive run of denial, bad jokes, sexual tension (or my personal favorite) rapid-fire banter, lip locks and embraces finally get that love thang going on. Chi-Town native and Innosphere front woman, Nina Rae understands that moment where sparks fly between two people as they get ready dive into the thicket of love and she explains this all-too-familiar experience on the aptly titled, "Falling In Love." With Tall Black Guy cushioning the track with a sweet guitar riff and soulful sways, Nina Rae's rich vocal tone weaves her own tale of love at first sight throughout. If you haven't sighed and felt the glow of love from this track, then just retreat to the Grinch cave and let us saplings adore in revelry.


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