Freddie Joachim Delivers A Much Needed ‘Morning Calm’

It's that time of year once again. Your "to do" list seems to be ever expanding, you are trying to decide what to buy that awkward friend/relative who has everything/wants nothing (we all have those, right?), various deadlines are approaching -- whether they be work related or just getting those damn cards and presents out on time -- and you're still squabbling with relatives over who is hosting what. For a time of year that is meant to be so full of joy, there is certainly a large amount of stress involved, and where there is stress, there is only one solution. Reach for a drink  your iPod, kick back and relax for five minutes. If you are particularly pressed for time, then Freddie Joachim has you covered, with a three-minute instrumental beauty, appropriately titled "Morning Calm" (although trust me, it works anytime of the day or night). I was caught sleeping on Freddie until recently, but after listening to the exquisite Fiberglass Kisses, and now this, he is my go-to man if when things get a little too much over this holiday season and, quite frankly, any time of year.


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