Is Tamar Braxton ‘The One’?

While Tamar Braxton is on the promotion trail for her first single "Love And War," which quickly rose to the top of the iTunes charts last week, we have our ears tuned to something even more soulful from the bubbly Braxton sister. Tamar brings the sound of Mtume and The Notorious B.I.G. back to life with this live rendition of her new song "The One." Set to be included on her forthcoming album and originally performed during the taping of her showcase, which was aired on the last episode of her hit WE tv series Tamar & Vince, "The One" is pure R&B gold. Tamar Braxton's yet to be titled sophomore album is set to be released early next year. Keep up with her antics via Twitter and catch her debut performance of "Love And War" on The Wendy Williams Show right now.

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  • Luv Tamar's new songs, she so beautiful, sexy with lot of class just like all her sisters!

  • Derrick

    I'm just SO into what Tamar is doing right now. Yes! I'm officially buying this album.

  • blknite

    OK hooka, I submit! You got me...

  • Rodfin

    Aiiight. Yeah... she got me, too.

  • Mekisha Hale

    This isn't bad at all. Even with an live track she the star Tamar Braxton has got it and still this track is just another surprise. Tamar Braxton has the voice the way she just got into that song even at the beginning of it was so smooth the way it started and from the beginning to the end it melted sultry vocals and lyrics with such a slammin' sound and the music just goes together so good. I loved it all through and through til the end of the song. You got another winner here once again she's proven time and time again she's got it. Great song!!!

  • Yes! Biggie..... baby,


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