Jesse Fischer’s ‘Snow’ Won’t Leave You Feeling Cold

If you've been in any business establishment this past hoilday season, chances are you have already had your fill of holiday music. There are just so many times you can hear the same songs, right? Well, what if the same ol' same ol' had a different spin to it? Jesse Fischer breathes new life into the holiday staple "Let It Snow" in this video released just in time for the holiday weekend. Though the song has been recorded over 20 times, Jesse funks it up a bit in this clip. Recorded in Brooklyn, the video opens with him setting up in the studio as he prepares get down. While we got a chance to see him flex on the keys alongside his band Soul Cycle in the studio recording of "Cyberphunk," he's his own one-man band here, also handling guitar, bass, keys and percussion duties. The wurlitzer and organ lends an old-school quality to the song, while getting to see it all come together makes it feel fresh and exciting. As if getting to enjoy this ear candy wasn't good enough, Jesse has also made it available for free download via his Bandcamp page. And who says nothing's free around Christmas?

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