Leah Smith Finds Ways To ‘Grow’

It's always downright lovely to hear from those we deemed Bounce-Worthy from way back when still in our midst. One such graduate who is sticking around is Leah Smith. The Philly native charmed us in 2010 with her debut EP, Beautifully Made, and after doing the background singer thingamajig (one gig had her doing back-up at this year's BET Honors award ceremony) she is back on the solo flight with a brand new single. It's been some time since I gave Beautifully Made a spin, but still I wasn't too worried when I indulged in "Grow Up" considering that Ms. Smith always rises to the occasion on the singing and lyrical front. Like a warm, reassuring hug, "Grow Up" follows in the uplifting inspirational-themed songs Smith is known to craft. Keeping with that ideal, and over a sweet piano and tropical-inspired beat, she critiques her inner self with hopes that she quits the self-doubt and keeps on the path to learning and growing. I don't know about you, but this is a song I needed to hear and wrap myself into, and will keep on doing so as I eagerly take in the free download. 


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