Lydia Rene Is Right On ‘Time’

The last time we heard from the lovely Lydia Rene, she was taking on Andre 3000's new classic "Prototype." Now she's back with her latest single "Only In Time." The acoustic cut, full of soulful guitar, dreamy piano and Lydia's heavenly voice, finds the singer debating whether or not she should reveal her desire for a guy. While she's willing to acknowledge her feelings, she ultimately decides to stave off the pursuit -- even if her infatuation only grows with each day. The single, which Lydia says was written six years ago and is finally coming to fruition now, is simply beautiful and perfectly captures her uneasy emotions. So far, it seems that this is just a one off single, though Lydia does tease that there is more to come in the (near?) future. While you wait to see just what that is, take a listen to "Only In Time" below and head to Lydia's Bandcamp page to download the track for the very nice price of free.

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