Morning Soul: Times When I Wanna Keep Moving On

  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame named Public Enemy, Donna Summer and Quincy Jones as inductees for its 2013 ceremony. [RH
  • Ravi Shankar, who greatly influenced pop music with Eastern influences, died at age 92. [WP
  • Actress-singer Sharon Leal announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund her debut album. [KS
  • L.A. Reid may shelve Ciara's latest album, One Woman Army, given the underwhelming response to her last three singles. [BS
  • Songs by Adele, R. Kelly, Rick Ross and Katy Perry could win an Oscar, as their original works were named eligible for the upcoming Academy Awards. [DL
  • Nick Cannon shared way too much information about his love life, admitting he likes to listen to Mariah Carey's music while getting it on - whether she is in the room or not. [HP

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