Sarsha Simone Delivers The Goods With ‘Postman’

Sydney, Australia-based chanteuse Sarsha Simone has been relatively quiet in the past few months since we featured her on our Love, SoulBounce Suite 2 mix back in August, but here's hoping that with the release of a new track and music video that all this is about to change. "Postman," featuring rapper Miracle Iller, is a funky little number that sees Simone singing of her wait for a love letter from her sweetheart. The music video is a simple and understated affair in which Simone pours her heart out to the camera with her voluptuous lips, slick hair and statement necklace. I'm fairly certain that after you watch the video below you will be hooked on the captivating rhythm of "Postman," so it's a good thing that Simone has gotten into the giving spirit of the festive season and made the track available for free download over at SoundCloud.

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