You’ll Want To Cruise Down ‘Highway 85’ With Austin Brown

If you thought that just because Christmas Day had passed that there'd be no more gifts to unwrap, Austin Brown is back with his long-awaited mixtape to prove you wrong. While you were busy wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, the fabulous Jackson offspring was busy sliding one final gift underneath the tree with the release of his Highway 85 mixtape. Available for free download on his website, the 11-track album is chock full of toe-tapping, uptempo numbers (some new, some old) that will surely come in handy to help you work off all of that turkey, mac & cheese, sweet potato pie and eggnog that so many of us indulged in yesterday. While I'm sure the comparisons to his famous uncle are getting tiresome by now, it's hard to not hear touches of the late, great Michael Jackson all over this release. However, where most would just sound like cheap imitations, Austin manages to embody Mike while still retaining his own distinct sound. I imagine this is the music that Michael would have made if he were of this generation. Though we first heard "What Did I Lose To Love You" back in June, it's still easily my fave here, with the superb throwback production and Austin getting his vocal flex on. As I've said before, I'm not sure how many more ways we here at SoulBounce can find to keep singing this young man's praises, but when it's this damned good, what else can you do? But enough talking about it. Just hop in and enjoy this ride down Austin Brown's Highway 85.

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