Go Deep With AlunaGeorge’s ‘Diver’

As the last notes of "Auld Lang Syne" faded signaling the end of the holiday season, with misty eyes for the year past, I am anxious for what the new year will bring in terms of music. Those futuristic-pop kids AlunaGeorge are picking my spirits up by announcing that they'll drop their long-anticipated debut, Body Music, this coming June. Letting the bait linger, they have premiered the crisp newness that is "Diver." After teasing with the two-minute preview before the year closed out, today the duo premiered the track via Radio 1 and already the anticipation has heightened. As usual the two have blended in their unabashed love for R&B and electric-pop, but a saucier spin they put on it, with skittish backbeats and chirpy vocals that reminds me of Mya's underrated "Ride & Shake" from those (terribly misbegotten) Fear of Flying days. I'm a little hazy on what aural delights this winter and spring will deliver, but my summer is already being solidified with Body Music rolling its way in.


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