Let Jimi Hendrix Take You ‘Somewhere’

Surely everyone knows the story of how Jimi Hendrix's star shone brightly for a short time in the late '60s before he tragically became a member of The 27 Club. That's the name given to a group of celebrities who died in their 27th year on Earth, many from suicide or, in the case of Hendrix, complications with or overdoses on drugs or alcohol. But this is one legend whose legacy is his music and has seen it extend nearly 10 times longer than his career signed to a record label -- and with good reason. Hendrix is a god on the guitar whose ability to both innovate and go between psychedelic rock and funky chords has been called genius by music critics for decades. On his latest posthumous single, the previously unreleased "Somewhere," Hendrix revisits themes found in previous tunes: cosmic entities, complex songwriting and a rebellious spirit blended with prayer-worthy prose. Jimi's string work and his reputation might have you instantly declaring this a rock track. A deeper listen will reveal it also dabbles heavily in the blues and even offers confusion with classic turn-of-the-decade funk. "Somewhere" appears on Hendrix's forthcoming compilation, People, Hell and Angels, which will be available March 5th.

After the bounce

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