Let Velour Take You To The ‘Speedway’

You would be forgiven for thinking that Velour's track "Speedway" was a long-lost '80's gem, forgotten until a dedicated crate-digger revived it from a forgotten musical vault. The Matt Cronin-edited visual accompaniment, featuring sewn-together clips of old NASCAR races, only reinforces the track's nostalgic feel, but you would be wrong. In fact Velour, a production duo comprising Julio Bashmore (the man partly responsible for Jessie Ware's excellent Devotion) and Hyetal, cooked this up in the studio last year and released it via YouTube on Christmas Day. This is my first introduction to Velour, but they have already released 2010's The Velvet Collection (which I will be tracking down ASAP!), and rumor has it they will be releasing more musical goodness in 2013. Let's hope so. [H/T: PBB]

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