Marcell Russell Wants You To Help Him Unpack His ‘Baggage’

Anyone who follows my writing here on SoulBounce can gather that I am a lover of a beautiful vocal tone and honest lyricism. Anyone who knows me a little more personally is acutely aware that like many of you out there I have much experience with the old chestnut -- baggage. I'm convinced that when Erykah Badu penned "Bag Lady" she had me in my mind. However, with the new year and its resolutions upon us I'm ready to let go of all that extra weight and take a leap of faith, and what better tune to guide me through this new baggage-free life than Baltimore-based singer Marcell Russell's smooth new single "Baggage" from his upcoming release, The Serenade & The Sermon. Starting off sparse with only his vocals and a heavy bass line before building into a mellow jazz/soul groove, this track and its music video sees Russell learning to let go of the kind of baggage an airline can't charge you for -- fear, past hurts, failed relationships -- and to embrace new beginnings and allow a new person in to fill in all that space that's now available in his heart and mind. Check out the music video, and let Marcell Russell assist you in letting go of all your unnecessary "Baggage."

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