Maxwell Reveals Partial Tracklist To ‘SUMMERS” On Social Media

When he's not recording fiery duets with Alicia Keys, vacationing to this or that island paradise or growing his uber-sexy beard, Maxwell can be found sharing slices of his life and connecting with fans on social media as an avid user of both Instagram and Twitter. Oh, and he's also currently in the throes of recording songs for his second album in the BSN trilogy, SUMMERS'. This album has been in the works for a while and firmly ensconced in the highly-anticipated column ever since BLACK dropped in 2009 and it was announced that he'd be releasing three albums in three years. Well, that schedule might have gotten derailed (or maybe he meant an album every three years?), but good things will come to those of us who've waited with SUMMERS' finally due to see the light of day some time this year.

Although there's no firm release date yet, what we do have is a partial tracklist for the album that Maxwell posted to his Instagram account last night. He's been teasing the social media masses with snippets of lyrics, possible song titles and not-so-random hashtags, but this is the first time that he has given us concrete evidence that SUMMERS' is coming up and going down. The current seven tracks from the new album were listed on a Post-It note style message stuck on a wet surface with the caption "Summers' #PartialTackList." Without one note from one song heard, those seven song titles and that caption were enough to send a wave of excitement through his fans. And can you blame us? Didn't think so. Check out the Instagram pic that had Maxwell lovers in a tizzy as well as two mock album covers below and cross your fingers that he decides to share some more digital surprises with his adoring public.  

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