Raheem DeVaughn Is ‘Bout’ It On This Frank Ocean Cover

Who knew that Frank Ocean's "Thinkin Bout You" would become a favorite amongst the soulster set to cover? Right behind Adele's "Rolling In the Deep" and Little Dragon's "Twice," Frankie's lovelorn track seems to have been remade to death by everybody and their grandmother over the past two years. There's one more cover to add to that long list done by none other than Raheem DeVaughn, which is to be expected since he is the king of jacking other people's songs and putting his own stank on them. He does just that on "Thinkin Bout You," floating on Ocean's original but adding his own flourishes and ad-libs. I suspect that Raheem has a new mixtape on the way soon because this is the second beat jack that he's posted recently -- the first was his take on Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything." I'll pass on that, but I'm definitely digging this. [Photo: Keith Estep]

After the bounce

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