Angela Jae Says Goodbye To A ‘Broken Heart’

We don't know a lot about Houston's Angela Jae, but I have a feeling all of that is about to change. Her "Broken Heart" has made for some good (and free) music. The first time I heard the single with her sleek vocals floating gently above the 808s, I was sold. She immediately roped me in for several additional listens before calling it a night. Described as a singer, songwriter and visual artist, Angela has worked with a number of producers and writers including Bryan-Michael Cox, Adonis, Tank, 112 and Patrick "J.Que" Smith of The Clutch. Now working with the production duo Aeronotiks, she promises to deliver an "unforgettable experience" with her forthcoming music. If this single is a good indication of what she has to offer, you'll surely be hearing a lot more about her on these pages.


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