Chaka Khan Shows Us That ‘It’s Not Over’

Chaka Khan has truly raised the bar for what it means to turn 60. Instead of simply sitting around waiting for award shows to put on tributes to her, she continues to stay in the spotlight with her own musical, philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures. Now Chaka shows that she's been working out not only in the gym but in the studio on her latest single, "It's Not Over," a surprisingly catchy song with radio potential. I expected the track to be a soulful slow jam, but it is an upbeat, inspirational anthem that will have many people proclaiming "It's not over!" when faced with trials and tribulations. Anyone who knows a little about Chaka Khan and her past realizes that she has lived this song and it is truly genuine. She's even joined by Christian rapper and new GRAMMY Award winner Lecrae who spits a verse that fits in well with the overall flow and sentiment of the song. Chaka recently performed this song at the UNCF's An Evening of Stars, which aired on BET last month, and video shows a vibrant woman with many years ahead of her. Everyone should take notes from Chaka on how to turn their past into a beautiful testimony.

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