Donell Jones Contemplates ‘Forever’

Now this is the Donell Jones I know and love. Last we heard from him, he was singing for the hoodrats and scallywags with "Step the F**k Off." Now he returns back to form with new single "Forever." Where "Step," with its tinny, snap rap beat and abrasive lyrics, was a fail, "Forever" hits all the right notes. That's mainly because sincere ballads and smooth mid-tempos have always been Donell's bread and butter ("Where I Wanna Be," "U Know What's Up," his cover of "Knocks Me Off My Feet). And, similar to his previous ballads, the self-proclaimed "most underrated man in R&B" is pledging his undying love here as he sings over a lush, mellow-smooth instrumental. While it may be a familiar formula for Donell, it's one that works and works well. So, if you're reading Donell, you keep playing to your strengths like this in the future and we'll act like tracks like "Step" don't even exist. You can purchase "Forever" right now via iTunes. Of course, if you'd like to try before you buy, you can take a listen to the track right here.

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