Get Your ‘Dance’ On With Copy Club

Singer-songwriter Benny Sings is a rather busy man these days. Coming off of releasing his greatest hits collection late last year, the Dutch artist has had his hand in many a pot recently as a producer. So much so that he's decided to leak new material every two weeks for the next few months. One such track is Copy Club's "Dance." Dipped in synth-y New Wave grooves and an '80's sensibility, the song puts one in the mind of those famed nightclub hotspots of the Reagan era. And with the echoed vocals that float in and out of the verses, it's enough to make you want to put on your most fluorescent wardrobe and head out to the disco. Copy Club's debut is set to arrive some time this summer. As well, keep an eye on Benny's blog to see what other musical goodies he'll be serving up over the next few months. While we wait to see what else Copy Club and Benny Sings bring to the table, check out "Dance" below.


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