Mikky Ekko Gets Some ‘Pull’ With Help From The Internet

Mikky Ekko is probably best known for "Stay," his duet with pop tart Rihanna from her latest album, Unapologetic. Still, don't hold that against him. When he's not adding some (much needed) class to dire situations, he's a talented singer/songwriter in his own right. Back in October, he quietly released his single "Pull Me Down," a Clams Casino-produced track (which is available on iTunes) with elements of pop, rock and R&B that is a real winner. However, sometimes you can improve on perfection and our second favorite Odd Future breakouts The Internet did just that. Syd and Matt keep Mikky's haunting vocal intact and supplement it with a slippery groove that changes the song from a romantic declaration to a bedroom beckon. Honestly, whether the remix, the original or both are your cup of tea, you can't lose with this song. Hopefully big things are in store for Mikky in the future, because he obviously has the talent and knows how to pick his collaborators (Rih-bot not withstanding). You can check out the remix below and hit the bounce to see the otherworldly clip for the original.

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