‘Naturally,’ We Think You’ll Love Meelah TheArtist

Towards the middle of the week, everyone gets a little down. Whether it be because your boss is working your last nerve or because that boo from the weekend has stopped calling, we all could use a little pick me up to remind us that we have value and should be comfortable in our own skin. "Naturally Me" by Meelah TheArtist featuring Mother's Favorite Child is the boost that everyone needs to pivot towards the end of the week. The funky production co-produced and co-written by Paris Toon featuring emphasis on percussion induces successive uncontrollable head nods. In sort of an India.Aire/Jill Scott kind of way, Meelah empowers listeners by reminding them that whether someone likes it or not you are naturally you. The song may be short and sweet, but it is a flavor that is always welcomed in these ears.


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