Rochelle Jordan’s One Of The ‘Good Ones’

It looks like one of our favorite Canadian exports is at it again. And by at it, I mean taking another Drake track and making it infinitely better. This time around, Rochelle Jordan jacks the beat of Drake's "Good Ones Go" interlude and refashions it to fit her purposes. The track, which fits Rochelle's Aaliyah-like vocals perfectly (gee, I wonder why), is icily cool as it coasts along and Rochelle sings about an indecisive kind of love. Like "Impossible" before it, Rochelle completely owns the track, even making sure to drop her name and let you know exactly where she comes from. Check out Rochelle's take on "Good Ones Go" after the bounce. And, if you're digging this and somehow haven't joined the ROJO bandwagon, her latest release, P R E S S U R E, can be bought via her Bandcamp page now (and for only $1).

After the bounce

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