The ‘Truth’ Will Unfold With Meridian

The overanalyzing nerd in me gets a little giddy whenever I see a message riddled music video, because nowadays videos barely have story lines that are interesting to follow. So upon feasting my eyes on Meridian's visual for their single "Truth," I'm a bit happy to see it offer up a slew of questions and possibilities that are pleasing to the eye and mind. The song itself isn't hard to decipher, as it nicely glides in a frosty indie-synth-pop guise, sounding quite reminiscent of something that one of my favorite indie-pop acts, Friendly Fires, would craft at their most pensive. Its accompanying clip is a little less cut-and-dry, as striking images of the Brooklyn duo trekking through a wildlife and being buried in the sand and shrubbery offer up some curiosity. Also utilizing clips from the 1980 cult classic The Gods Must Be Crazy seems to extend the metaphor of truth seeking. Well, not to go too deep, and however you view it, there is no denying that this genre-bending duo have an eyebrow raiser of a video that deserves repeated views to see its wellspring of messages.

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