This Emeli Sandé & Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t Hold A Candle ‘Next’ To The Original

The art of the remix seems to be going the way of the 8-track in recent years. See, once upon a time, a song's remix was an event, resulting in a new sound fairly different from its original. Sometimes the lyrics stayed the same, while the beat was changed. Other times, a remix could be completely different from the original, with new lyrics and a new melody to boot. Nowadays, especially in R&B music, folks just seem content to haphazardly add a random rap verse and try to sell it to you as a new song (ex. Jay-Z's added verse on the much-hyped Amy Winehouse "Rehab" remix). Though sometimes this formula can actually be successful at breathing new life into a song, it usually leaves me annoyed that a perfectly good song has been ruined. Add British songstress and recent BRIT Award winner Emeli Sandé and rapper Kendrick Lamar to the list of unnecessary remix offenders. The two have "joined forces" (read: he phones in a verse or two) on her hit song "Next to Me." Although it would seem that adding your favorite rapper's favorite rapper to anything would be a recipe for pure gold, Lamar's gravelly delivery seems mismatched for the polished feel. And while a few drums and breaks have been added, it does little convince me that this was really necessary. But what do I know? Maybe I'm just some curmudgeonly old soul that still clings to the days of yore. Give it a spin and let us know if this old lady is just thinking too hard.


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