We Haven’t Heard From Anita Baker ‘Lately’ But The Album Is On Its Way

Cast your minds back to last August and the first time we got our hands on Anita Baker's "Lately," the first single from what is rumored to be her final commercial release, Only Forever. We here at SBHQ, and Anita fans the world over, rejoiced at a fine return to form for Ms. Baker, on a Tyrese cover no less. We all duly marked our calendars for the October 23rd album release date, only for it to pass us by with no word on if/when the album would actually see the light of day. Well, a GRAMMY nomination certainly helps jig things along a little, and it seems Anita is on the promo train and headed for a second quarter release, with her first stop being Jimmy Kimmel Live. Anita, looking in fine form, showed up and showed out with an effortless, classy performance proving that age, indeed, ain't nothing but a number. Now I just need Ms. Baker to announce a firm release date and an accompanying tour, including UK dates, and I'll be all set.

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