Allow Lincoln Jesser & Yuna To Enter Your ‘Dreams’

I don't know about you, but for a night owl like me, the recent spring forward of Daylight Savings Time has been completely cruel to me. Wandering around on minimal sleep is pretty much how I've been operating for the past few days. To lull me further, a lot of relaxing slow grooves have come my way this week, and while that is all well and good, I need shots of caffeinated funk-pop like this Lincoln Jesser cut "In My Dreams" to keep me alert and spry. I'm not fully aware of Mr. Jesser, who hails from California, but he has been slowly making a name for himself with his production savvy on various club tracks, a few of which found a home on his debut EP, New Blood. Last year he was seen touring with the lovely Yuna and the Malaysian vocalist returns the favor here as she lays down her signature cooing vocals over this sparkling synthesized stomper that fans of Sam Sparro and Daft Punk could find appeal in. "In My Dreams" is to be featured on Jesser's upcoming sophomore EP of the same name, out March 26th, and on the lookout I am for it. 


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