AlunaGeorge Go Grimm While ‘Attracting Flies’

Over the river and through the woods go AlunaGeorge who engage in some fairy tale fancy for their visual for the superb single "Attracting Flies." A parental advisory notice is stamped on it due to some NSFW images, but really, if you've seen nightmare-inducing movies like Return To Oz or recall the scene where Mufasa was trampled by the wildebeests in The Lion King and lived to tell the tale, then you should be fine seeing the macabre twists on the classics the South London duo take for this video. Throughout, lead vocalist Aluna Francis goes through many Brothers Grimm transformations, donning personas like Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, just to name a few. Along the way she deals with various modern princess problems while awaiting the charming princes that ride in on their noble steers Vespers to save the day. As this is probably the nicest kiss-off song that my ears have ever heard, applying such eerie tongue-in-cheek visuals to it remind me of why AlunaGeorge continue to be made of awesome and why their upcoming debut, Body Music, just can't come soon enough.

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