Azealia Banks Gets ‘Barely Legal’

You know, if this whole "Twitter beefing" thing doesn't work out, Azealia Banks could definitely have a shot at a recording career. The rapstress, whose Broke With Expensive Taste was supposed to drop last month (oops), seems far more focused on pissing people off than she does on getting her music career popping. It's a shame, too, as her take on hip hop brings something different than the status quo. And don't forget she also sings, as she shows off on her recent cover of The Strokes' "Barely Legal." While she won't be tributing Whitney anytime soon, her singing voice is a passable one and works with the bouncy beat of the song. As well, producer Lindbergh Palace's '90's bass take on the track makes it pretty damn catchy. It's good, but not good enough to erase the sour taste her social media tantrums have been leaving in the mouths of most of the public. Maybe one of these days Miss Banks will get her act together and finally put her music where her mouth is.


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