‘Control’ Yourselves As Marques Toliver Flashes Some Flesh

With less than two months to go until Marques Toliver releases his debut LP, Land Of CanAan, the time is right to (officially) unleash the set's second single, "Control." The track has been floating around for a while now, as a black and white video for All Saints Basement Sessions and as a black and white video of a live performance, released to celebrate the announcement of the album. Sticking with that black and white theme, Marques has now released the official video for the song, and it's great to see that the studio single has lost none of the live version's magic. The visuals are simple yet effective, featuring Marques in various outfits (and states of undress) as he sings about missing his true love. I'm glad to see that the "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" interpolation is still present, too, as it perfectly fits with the songs message.