‘Get Ready’ Because Lady Is Here To Stay

It's March already, can you believe it? I don't know what's going on, but between time flying and the steady stream of good music that has dropped since 2013 began, I'm starting to believe there's some truth to the rumors that there's something in the water. Well, I hope you you're thirsty. When Terri Walker and Nicole Wray got together to form Lady what resulted was something quite unexpected, because really, who knew? They clued us in with their first single "Money," which I loved, but things got kind of quiet after that. Thankfully, they not only dropped a new single and video on us for "Get Ready," but their self-titled debut album was just digitally released through Truth & Soul Records. For those who prefer music you can literally feel, you can pick up a physical copy next Tuesday. If you didn't catch "Money," and you'd like to hear a fine piece of authentic retro soul, hit play like now. I tried to warn you, but I doubt you're ready.

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