James Blake Lets His ‘Digital Lion’ Loose

With his initial single "Retrograde," James Blake already had us anticipating the April 8th release of his upcoming LP Overgrown. But with his newest leak, "Digital Lion," he might have put that anticipation into overdrive. Enlisting the help of electronic music legend Brian Eno, James creates a track that fluctuates from icy and seductive to dark and brooding effortlessly. And even though the track switches from peaceful calm to a pulsing drive throughout its near five-minute run, James delicate vocals never seem to get lost in the mix. Instead, James enhances them by weaving vocal samples throughout the song, amplifying the plaintive feel and sound. Knowing that Overgrown contains brilliance like this is going to make April 8th that much harder to wait for. Luckily, when you preorder Overgrown on iTunes, you'll receive "Digital Lion" instantly to tide you over.


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