Jess Mills Shows Anita Baker Some ‘Sweet Love’

While we wait (and wait, and wait) for that new Anita Baker album to see the light of day, we can content ourselves with the fact that the songstress has already bestowed a catalog of music upon us that would make any of the current crop of divas-in-training pale in comparison. In a timely tribute, one such newcomer has paid her respects to Ms. Baker in the form of a sympathetic reading of one of her biggest hits, the certified classic that is "Sweet Love." Jess Mills is a Londoner with a penchant for the more electronic side of R&B, and her cover of the 1986 hit is just that, a smoothed out, club-ready cover that, while lacking in the emotional-impact stakes, does a good job at updating the track for the new R&B generation. Not content with just tackling "Sweet Love," Jess has also wrapped her honeyed tones around the Roy Davis Jr./Peven Everett house favorite "Gabriel," which you can hear after the bounce. Jess is currently gearing up to release two EPs (one of original material, and one of remixes of her past songs) as well as a full-length project later in the year. On the strength of these covers, we will definitely be keeping an ear out.


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