Kissi B Brings The ‘Heat’

Since blasting onto our radars, Kissi B, has kept things moving and grooving with her Free Friday releases in recent weeks. Her third free release in the series is keeping the momentum rolling, and much like the title, the Baltimore-based singer is bringing the "Heat" with her latest. This trippy, spacey track is brought back to earth thanks to Kissi's rich layered vocals as she promises love and security to that special someone. To be perfectly honest, I can't think of anything much else to say about this song except that it's all that and a bag of chips with an ice cold pop on the side. Kissi has proven herself as one of 2013's artists to watch just based on the strength of the three songs she's released so far. If these are the songs she's giving away for free, I can only imagine what she's saving for her actual EP that's due to drop sometime this spring. In the meantime, we'll keep gobbling up what she has to offer every week. As if we needed anymore incentive to look forward to Fridays around these parts.


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